Tony Scott, RIP. His Best Film Was A Lesbian Romp


Big-time director/producer Tony Scott tragically jumped to his death yesterday.

He was known for blockbuster movies like Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and The Last Boy Scout–big-budget action flicks with major names acting out all sorts of physical hijinks.

But my favorite Scott film by far is his 1983 vampire romance The Hunger, which bombed on release–it was that good.

The description alone:

“The Egyptian vampire lady Miriam subsists upon the blood of her lovers. In return, the guys or girls don’t age.”

And Catherine Deneueve was sultrily appealing as Miriam, with Susan Sarandon as a specialist chosen by Deneuve for some same-sex biting in private.

“Their love scene was mercifully not vulgar,” a commenter on imdb grandly notes. I liked it anyway.

You can’t imagine how groundbreaking such a scene was back then, but believe me, it was, and it was handled with sizzling chic by Scott and his company.

And David Bowie is his usually magnetic self as Deneuve’s partner in fangs.

And Ann Magnuson is “Young Woman From Disco”!

The shimmering result borders on being alternately boring and/or hokily absurd, but it’s my kind of movie, so let the Hunger games begin.

What seemed like a fluke from Tony Scott turned out to be his finest hour.

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