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Julien Chabbott, Millionaire Asshole Who Ran Over Cop’s Foot, Sued for $10 Million


We assume no one’s forgotten about Julien Chabbott, the 28-year-old millionaire Internet entrepreneur who is (sadly) more famous for his relationship with The Hills reality ‘star’ Stephanie Pratt. He became a viral celebrity when, two weeks ago in SoHo, he rolled his $257,000 red Ferrari Spider over a traffic cop’s foot who was writing him a ticket for parking in a no-standing zone which, in turn, caused the officer to go absolutely ape shit. The officer yanked Chabbott out of the car, slammed him into the cobblestone face-first and, ostensibly, put the fear of God in that nouveau riche douchebag once and for all.

Chabbott was charged with felony assault, but for a while, it seemed like he’d receive a slap on the wrist, and then it’d be back to driving fast cars and sexting nobodies. Chris Brown, etc. But the cop, 34-year-old Felix Recio, isn’t done.

The New York Post reported today that Recio lawyered up and is trying to increase the charges from felony assault to first-degree assault with a deadly weapon. Oh, and Recio is suing Chabbott for $10 million.

“I was left with a swollen foot and bruising,” Recio told the Post. “But I believe he deliberately drove towards me with an intent to hurt me. I am suing for personal injury while the criminal charges are ongoing. I have not been able to work since this happened.” He later continued, saying that even though he just had his foot smashed a little bit, he could’ve been much more injured in the incident.

But Chabbott’s attorney, Ben Brafman, is claiming that he’s not even aware of a lawsuit against his client. He told the Post, “Indeed, I would be shocked if a $10 million lawsuit is in fact being contemplated given the fact that we have developed information to the effect that the officer in question appears to have suffered no injury whatsoever.”

This will likely be the only time you’ll hear the Village Voice root for traffic cops, but we’re hoping Recio comes out on top. We hated The Hills.

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