Recipe: Hot Banana From the Orchard


The drink: Hot Banana

The bar: Orchard House

The price: $12

Ingredients: 1 1/2 ounces Stoli, hot, 1 ounce banana puree, 1/2 ounce house-made cranberry syrup (1 quart whole cranberries, 1 quart sugar, 2 quarts water, two whole oranges, cut into quarters), 1 ounce Midori, two lime wedges, cayenne pepper, sugar

The process: Mix cayenne pepper with sugar for the rim of the glass.

To make the cranberry syrup, boil whole cranberries in water with sugar and sliced oranges. Cool and then strain and bottle for serving in drinks.

To mix the cocktail, muddle the cranberry syrup and lime wedges in a glass and then add the remaining liquids. Shake with ice and serve.