The Biggest Movie Hits and Flops Of The Year So Far


Yes, I’m aware that the figures I’m about to give you don’t factor marketing expenses into the budget.

But they also don’t toss in the often huge international grosses.

So do some adding and subtracting of your own and take these domestic results with a grain of hot buttered popcorn.


Magic Mike cost a very stripped-down seven million and so far it’s grabbed a very sexy $112,720,182.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel cost basically just tip money–$10 million–whereas it’s checked out with $45,592,328 (and it’s huge around the world too).

The Dark Knight Rises cost $250 million and has so far risen to a heroic $409,787,260 (not bad, considering) .

The quirkily appealing Moonrise Kingdom cost 16 million and has summoned a kingly $42,966,193.

Hunger Games cost a measly $78 mill and has scared up a whopping $407,688,212. No one who worked on it will stay hungry.


Total Recall cost $125 million, but it hasn’t recalled that at all; in fact, it’s only made $51,755,272. (But it’s still newish. Maybe give it a chance–or some prayers.)

And Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter cost $79 million and only hunted down less than half of that ($37,307,111).

That’s it! No more Presidents as vampire hunters!

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