Watch Congressman Todd Akin Explain Where Babies Come From


Despite making a complete jackass out of himself with his comments that “legitimate” rape victims have the magical ability to wish away their unwanted rape babies, Congressman Todd Akin announced this afternoon that he plans to remain in the Missouri Senate race against Senator Claire McCaskill — even as member of his own party are urging him to call it quits.

To celebrate what we can only hope will be a few more months of Akin idiocy, we bring you a video of a speech Akin gave to a group of Missouri Tea Party-ers last year, during which Akin — and his wife — explain how babies are made at the Akin household.

Don’t worry, Akin steps in before things get too pervy, but the Akin-approved baby-making process apparently involves him, his wife, her womb, and the home the two share.

Unlike Akin’s apparent understanding of how abortion works, it does not include wishing, magic, or a woman’s body’s inexplicable (read: non-existent) ability to tell the difference between a rape baby and a baby conceived with a consensual partner.

See the video below (and kudos to Hunter Walker at Politicker for shrinking the speech down to 30 seconds so we don’t have to watch 19 minutes of a rape-denier
at a Tea Party rally. If you’re dying to see the full speech, though, click here).