The U.S. Open—with more than 700,000 visitors each year—is not only the biggest Grand Slam tournament, but it’s also the biggest sporting event in the country. Your best bet for catching the action is with a daytime grounds-admission pass, which gives you an opportunity to see world-class tennis as well as juniors, doubles, and practice rounds. Only available for the first eight days, the pass gives you access to the entire facility except Arthur Ashe Stadium, which requires separate tickets (i.e., harder to get and pricier, but worth it if you feel you must see a top-ranked match). Take either the No. 7 train or the LIRR (costs more, but it’s faster). Food is expensive, but you can try outside vendors and then return if you get your hand stamped at the gate.

Mondays-Sundays, noon. Starts: Aug. 27. Continues through Sept. 9, 2012