Dr. Seuss Loves Beer: Let’s Sing a Song About It


If you’ve ever looked through a Dr. Seuss book and thought, “Oh, hey, these drawings kind of look like they were made while this dude was hammered,” there might be more truth in that than you think.

Mashable points to an old beer advertisement from 1940 done by the prolific children’s books author. It might surprise you, but the beloved writer is known to have written advertisements early on in his career for various campaigns, like the bug spray product known as Flint. There are also rumors that his pen name came from a love of gin.

Anyway, all of this is just an excuse to change the words to one of his books and come up with some type of Dr. Seuss drinking song, right? Let’s see what we can do with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, a favorite of mine growing up.

One drink, two drinks, red drink, blue drink,
Black drink, blue drink, old drink, new drink,
This one is in a little bar.
This one has me in the back of a squad car.
Say! What a lot of drinks there are.

Err . . . OK, well, fine. It’s a work in progress.