Grand Slam


Hold on to your stockings, caps, peanuts, and crackerjacks because baseball has jumped on the nostalgia train—destination: 1864. Today, the New York Gothams will be playing the Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn, the best hometown rivalry you never knew existed, to showcase the history of our national pastime by adhering to rules from the mid-19th century. A closer pitching area, underhand pitches, and a straddling line for the batters running through home plate are all hallmarks of the old-timey sport. Even the slang, such as “muckle” (a player with muscle power), “air ball” (a pop fly), and “muffin” (an unskilled player or team), is vintage. Although this game might be on a Saturday, when you arrive at the Governors Island Parade Ground, you’ll want to be dressed in your Sunday best, as per tradition. So pick your favorite muckles, try not to get hit by an air ball, and have a fizzing good time at the (truly) old ball game.

Sat., Aug. 25, noon, 2012

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