Journey to the Goat Soup of Your Dreams


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Cinco de Mayo’s goat soup is the soup of my dreams. Thin, but deep in flavor. The tomato-based broth has chunks of goat on the bone and nuggets of hominy. I usually add in a healthy squeeze of lime juice and a big bunch of chopped cilantro. Last time I checked, it only served this soup on the weekends — it starts slow-cooking the meat on Friday.

Saturday morning, and I’m on my way! Despite the traffic and confusing route, this is one of my favorite places to bike through. I like to refill my bottle at the water fountain near the entrance of the park and take in the view. In the sunlight, it’s stunning.

Now that there’s a dedicated lane for bikes in the park, avoiding the pedestrians, joggers, and Rollerbladers is easy. Plus if you’re going south, it’s all downhill.

Just before you get to the Cortelyou Road Q stop, you’ll see it on your right. One of my favorite Mexican places in the city.

After goat soup, it’s time for tacos. My favorites here are the lengua (tongue) and the chorizo (Mexican sausage). They serve “super” tacos with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream, but I prefer the cilantro, onion, and lime of the “plain” tacos.

The super nachos with ground beef are unlike any nachos I’ve ever seen. There is so much stuff on top of the chips that it can be difficult to even find a chip to start. I have often run out of chips way before the toppings have run out. Remember: Strategic chip utilization is key.

L. Nichols is a Brooklyn-based artist.