Paul Rudd Is Coming To Broadway In A Shroud Of Darkness


The imminent Broadway play Grace had a press conference by the Grace Hotel pool yesterday–I love a theme event–where actors like Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, and Ed Asner told us the play is about large, important issues like questioning faith and the universe, but it’s fun and accessible too.

Rudd (above) said he likes playing a character who’s dark and different from himself and isn’t dependent on jokes.

Rudd would like to play those dark roles in films too, he added, “but nobody’s making that call.”

It’s hard to imagine Rudd isn’t getting whatever calls he wants!

Asner was also adorable, joking that he’s doing the play because they promised him he’d get the girl, but they pulled the rug right after he signed.

More seriously–but not that much more–he explained, “I wanted to work with young people. They make me young.

“I didn’t know that they would be three retarded young people,” he added, with a wry smile.

“But I must say they’re very entertaining in their retardation.”

And just wait till the set starts hydraulically spinning around, as promised.

They’ll really start questioning faith and the universe.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 22, 2012

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