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In an interview with comedy website 
Yuletide Snapper, Adira Amram, New York City’s most lovable spazz, said she got her start as a singer/dancer/comedian doing “weird whatever” at an open-mic night. 
After putting together a crew of backup dancers and musicians (known as the Experience), that “weird whatever” quickly evolved into the sparkly, ’80s-inspired, spandex-laden stage shows that made her Best Musical Comedy Act at the 2011 ECNY awards. Tonight, at Adira Amram and the Experience’s Dance-Party Fantasy, she’ll have you doing her naughty signature dance move (the “FingerBlast”) to songs about making out, her “tiny vagina,” and getting high with her mom. With Heloise.

Thu., Aug. 23, 8 p.m., 2012

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