Are More Celebrities Dying These Days?


Or am I just reading the obits more?

All in July and August, there’s been the sad passing of Andy Griffith, Ernest Borgnine, Norah Ephron, Ron Palillo, Sage Stallone, Sherman Hemlsey, Celeste Holm, Joan Roberts, David Rakoff, Judith Christ, Anna Piaggi, Maeve Binchy, Mark O’Donnell, Sylvia Woods, Marvin Hamlisch, Chad Everett, Gore Vidal, Richard Zanuck, Helen Gurley Brown, Phyllis Thaxter, William Windom, Phyllis Diller, Tony Scott, and many, many more.

That’s an astounding assortment of filmmakers, sit com stars, noted authors, and other cultural landmarks.

It used to be the three-in-a-row rule for about a 10 day period, but now it’s sometimes three in one day!

What the hell is going on here?

Is it just that there are more celebs out there waiting to transition?

And they have to die to make way for all the new reality stars?

Or that people are living longer and longer, so you have waves of old celebs finally taking flight?

Or maybe we just hear about these things more because of advanced communication?

And who on earth is left???

I think just Olivia, Joan, and Mort Sahl.