Brett Cohen Is NOT A Celebrity — But He Plays One In Times Square (And Makes Tourists Look Like Idiots)


Brett Cohen wasn’t in “Spiderman.” He’s not a recording artist with a “bright future.” And he’s not even the least bit famous (yet). But he’s officially our new favorite New Yorker (he’s actually Canadian but we’re claiming him as our own).

Last month, Cohen conducted a bit of a sociological experiment, in which he dressed up in fancy clothes, hired a camera crew and bodyguards to follow him around, and walked around Times Square, giving the impression that he was a celebrity — and people bought it.

In the video, which you can see after the jump, Cohen makes dozens of people — whom we’ll assume are tourists (obviously, no real New Yorker would gush this much over a faux-celeb — or a real celeb, for that matter) — look like absolute idiots.

Teenage girls rush to get their picture taken with him. When asked where they’ve see him before, more than one person said the movie “Spiderman.” Others said he was a recording artist with a “bright future” and that they loved his first single.

See the video below. It’s awesome.

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