Here’s Proof That Sex With Sleeping Women Is More Than “Bad Manners” — Compliments Of Alleged New Jersey Perv


Over the weekend, a British member of parliament made the argument that having sex with a woman as she sleeps isn’t rape. He concedes, however, that it is “bad manners.”

Well, we’ve got some news for MP George Galloway: sex with a sleeping woman is still a sex crime — and we have proof.

A Turkish man living in New Jersey was arrested earlier this week for allegedly feeling up a female passenger on a flight from Phoenix to Newark as she slept in the seat next to him.

According to federal prosecutors, Bawar Aksal was arrested Monday after he allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.

The feds say that in the middle of the flight, as the female passenger was sleeping, Aksal reached over and stuffed his hand up her shirt. He then stuck his other hand down her shorts.

Needless to say, the woman woke up — and was none too pleased.

Following his arrest, Aksal told authorities that the woman — who was a complete stranger — forced his hand down her shorts. Because let’s be honest — who doesn’t want the hand of a complete stranger shoved down their pants in the middle of a mid-flight nap.

Unfortunately for Aksal — and contrary to Galloway’s belief that sex with a sleeping woman is just “bad sexual etiquette” — feeling up strangers on an airplane is a
crime, and he’s been charged with one count of sexual abuse.