Mr. President, We Demand You Release Your White House Beer Recipe


Chug, chug, chug, chug!

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Well, it’s no surprise that the guy with the most stressful job in the world likes to drink beer. We just want to be able to drink it with him.

Some clever beer enthusiasts have filed a petition demanding that President Obama release his home brew recipe for the infamous Honey Ale, a beer that the White House started brewing about about a year and a half ago (and Obama apparently served it at his 2011 Super Bowl party).

The petition requires 25,000 signatures before September 17, and in just under a week, it has already managed to gather just under 4,000. Even more, a Reddit user took the request to another level and filed a federal Freedom of Information Act request. (However, as the New York Times points out, the White House is not subject to the act.)

The president apparently loves the brew so much that he’s carrying it with him on the campaign trail. Last week at a stop in Iowa, Obama got to chatting about beer with a supporter at a coffee shop and ended up giving the lucky guy a bottle.

Mr. Obama, from one beer lover to another, just do us all a favor, save yourself a headache, and release the recipe. It’s obvious that this beer is delicious. Even White House assistant chef Sam Kass, one of the dudes in charge of making it, calls the ale “unbelievably good.” So what’s the deal? Why are you holding out? At the very least, you could bottle it, sell it, and put the profit toward our country’s trillions of dollars of debt. Everybody wins!


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