Egg’s Chorizo & Egg Sandwich


Take a bite!

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Most of us get in a rut, breakfast-wise. We specialize in cereal, yogurt and fruit, deli egg-and-bacon sandwiches, or trail mix gobbled in a swaying subway car. In endeavoring to break you out of your habits, at least temporarily, Fork in the Road scours the city for interesting and satisfying breakfasts. Behold the chorizo and egg sandwich at Egg.

As you’ll remember, Egg is a Williamsburg side-street stalwart that pioneered the breakfast-only restaurant (they later added lunch). It was also in the vanguard of the region’s Southern cooking epidemic, and is partly responsible for the city’s fried-chicken craze.

But don’t neglect some of the menu’s kookier options. The chorizo and egg sandwich is one such. The Latin sausage is made fresh (when you have ever seen that?), and paprika oil seeps from its every skinless chunk. Add scrambled organic eggs, salsa verde, pickled onions, and a shot of mayo, and you must have one of the richest concoctions on the planet.

The platter comes with a choice of salad or fries, and you can see which one we chose.

Here it is prior to final assembly.

135 North 5th Street