Jessica Lange Lesbian Story Fizzles Out


The National Enquirer just ran a story saying that Jessica Lange had become more than friends with her American Horror Story costar Sarah Paulson, the latter being an open lesbian who had a relationship with actress Cherry Jones.

Lange’s people promptly pooh-poohed it.

And I tend to think they’re not lying.

The story sounds like wishful thinking–the kind of thing dreamed up by editors when there’s a star who’s split from her longtime man and she hangs out with a younger lady, who happens to be openly gay.

They just couldn’t resist it!

(The tabloid, I mean.)

But I’m thrilled that if they are making this all up, at least they’re gong into gay territory that in the past would have been distinctly unchartered.

In the old days, you couldn’t even say people were gay who were gay.

But now it’s not considered a smear anymore

Just a simple statement of fact (or fiction).

Not an American Horror Story at all.

But let’s stick to the facts from now on. There’s plenty of real lesbian stuff going on.