Restaurateur Robert Treboux Dies at 87


The Times reports that Robert Treboux, owner of the Upper East Side restaurant, Le Veau d’Or, died on Wednesday at the age of 87.

The French restaurateur waited tables in the 1950s at Le Pavillon, the classic French institution run by the legendary Henri Soulé. Then, like many others who worked under Soulé, he went on to open his own restaurants that shaped New York’s fine dining culture for many years.

In 1985, Treboux bought Le Veau d’Or, the bistro on East 60th Street that had been in operation since the 1930s. He lived above the restaurant, where he ignored trends and continued to serve the classics as he knew them.

Sarah DiGregorio spoke with “Monsieur Robert” back in 2008. He was 83, dressed in a blue suit and crushed-velvet vest, and he remembered fondly how midtown used to be the place “where all the best people came to the best restaurants.”


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