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* 9:34 a.m. At least two people — and as many as five — have been shot outside of the Empire State Building (the tally is now at 10. see updates below), according to multiple reports.

The shooting happened just before 9 a.m. at Fifth Avenue and East 34th Street.

According to the @NY Scanner Twitter feed, the gunman was killed by police.

This is a breaking story. Check back for updates.


* 11:26 a.m.: From press conference by Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: suspect identified as 53-year-old Jeffery Johnson, who was laid off from his job as a designer of women’s accessories at Hazan Imports — which has offices near the Empire State Building — about a year ago. At 9:03 this morning, Johnson approached his first victim — a former co-worker who is yet to be identified — and shot the victim in the head. A construction worker alerted police, who approached Johnson. Johnson then pulled a 45-calibur handgun and opened fire on officers. Officers returned fire. During the shootout, eight people were wounded — some of whom may have been accidentally wounded by officers returning fire. All victims, with the exception of the co-worker initially shot by Johnson, are expected to survive. Johnson was killed by police at the scene.

* 11:19: Mayor Bloomberg says some victims may have accidentally been shot by police. Says suspect was fired from his job about a year ago. Mayor confirms one dead, nine others shot. “We are not immune to the national problem of gun violence.”

* 11:18 a.m.: the Voice’s Greg Howard reports that a body is still on the street near the Empire State building. It’s unclear whether it’s the body of the shooter.

* 11:17 a.m.: witness George King says suspect appeared to be middle-aged white male. News outlets are reporting that the suspect is in his 20s, but all witnesses we’ve spoken with say he was in his 40s. King says he heard about 12 shots — says it sounded like an automatic weapon.

*11:14: suspect reportedly fired from job yesterday. Tried to enter Empire State Building this morning but was denied. Suspect then waited outside building for boss, who he reportedly shot before turning his gun on a crowd of people.

*11:11 a.m.: report: most injuries from this morning’s shootings are consistent with buck-shot wounds.

* 11:08 a.m. Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s press conference regarding this morning’s shooting has been delayed.

* 11:02 a.m.: Howard reports that he’s seen multiple witnesses get hauled away by the FBI for questioning.

* 10:53 a.m.: witnesses tell Voice reporter Greg Howard, who is at the scene, that the suspect is in his 40s, casually dressed in green shirt and pants, with a bag over his shoulder. Witness Chris Watkins says he heard 20 to 30 shots and watched as police killed the gunman.

* 10:40 a.m.: suspect — described as a disgruntled employee — reportedly stalked first victim, a former co-worker, down a street in midtown. After fatally shooting the first victim, the suspect opened fire on a crowd of rush-hour commuters.

*10:23 a.m.: multiple reports that gunman was disgruntled employee. It’s unclear where he worked.

* 10:21 a.m.: police confirm: two dead, as many as 10 taken to hospital.

* 10:17 a.m. click here for a photo from the scene of the shooting.

*9:59 a.m.: WCBS is reporting that a total of 10 people have been shot.

* 9:51 a.m.: Police sources say a total of eight people have been shot, including gunman, who was reportedly killed by police.

* 9:47 A.M.: Reuters is reporting that there are two confirmed dead. No apparent link to terrorism, according to police sources.


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