Newark Mayor Cory Booker Vs. NJ Governor Chris Christie in 2013? It Could Happen


Next week, the Democratic National Convention gets underway in Charlotte, North Carolina. As most of these things go, the three-day extravaganza will be a rallying call to the party’s base. Along with business leaders and Democratic figures, one of the keynote speakers will be Corey Booker, the Mayor of Newark – the man who delivered toilet paper in a blizzard and saved some people from a burning fire during his free time. Yeah, that guy. Cue the parallels with young Barack Obama’s convention speech in 2004.

But those connections have some sort of foundation: Booker is young; he is African-American; he speaks with eloquence as a Stanford graduate and Rhodes Scholar; and he overruns one of the most crime-stricken cities on the East Coast. On the left, he is the Superman liberals have been waiting for since George McGovern – sound like somebody that you used to know, Gotye?

Well, if he is the Ryan Gosling of the blue states, he knows he has to start acting like it. And, with that idea in mind, the Mayor might have a few plans up his sleeves: according to PolitickerNJ, Booker has informed state chairs that he is considering a run against current Governor Chris Christie for the New Jersey gubernatorial seat in 2013.

We hate being those predicting pundits who stir public opinion with forecasts lacking any concrete evidence… but can anyone say ‘Booker for President in 2016?’

But, we repeat, he is only considering it. However, it seems as if the entire Democratic Party in New Jersey was just waiting for Booker to read their minds: Max Pizzarro of PolitickerNJ also mentions that Booker is at the top of list and, at this point, the only Democratic nominee that makes sense running against Christie for the governorship.

As of May, Governor Chris Christie had a 56% approval rating amongst New Jersey residents; Booker had a 46% approval rating in January, except a third of the state doesn’t know who he is. According to, if the two ran against each other in 2013, the race would be a dead heat.

At the convention, Booker is poised to offer “the party’s platform” – the same exact job given to Obama in 2004, who awed the audience with his famous “there’s not a liberal America or a conservative America – there’s the United States of America” speech. It is unseen now whether or not he will mention the run against Christie at the convention but, if he did, expect the political blogosphere to go wild with joy (because that’s exactly what we need right now: another election).

The ironic part is that, this Monday, just days before the DNC, the Republicans will host their red circle-jerk in Tampa. And guess who’s the keynote speaker?

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