Guess Who’s Playing Diana Ross?


No, not me.

I already did that in the ’80s as lead singer of my Motown cover band (which let’s not tell anyone about or they might want royalties, OK?)

It’s Valisia LeKae, who will assume the role of the great Diana Ross in the Broadway show Motown: The Musical, based on Motown creator Berry Gordy‘s life.

And guess what?

I looked up Valisia’s website, and it turns out she’s a big old bible quoter and God lover, giving a Proverbs citation along with her Twitter address.

Says she:

“As a child of God who has been given the opportunity to Serve my purpose in the entertainment industry (and in this world), I have always felt that God has used my gift as a performer to spread His love, Light, and His Goodness.

“And I have made it my mission to do His work.”


Let’s just hope she can transfer that to a love of self as she plays Miss Ross.

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