New York

The Empire State Killer Went To McDonald’s!


A lot!

Here’s what the New York Daily News has reported about the guy’s personal habits:

53-year-old Jeffrey Johnson seemed mellow and nice.

He was a loner who kept to himself and didn’t have guests to his apartment except, occasionally, for his mother.

He didn’t have a girlfriend. Or, presumably, a boyfriend.

He liked to go bird watching in Central Park. By himself.

He dressed up every day in a suit and tie as if he still had a job.

But instead of going to an office, he’d go to McDonald’s! Alone. Can you imagine?

Once past the golden arches, Johnson would get the same takeout order as the day before, and bring it back to his place, where he ate it by himself.

The guy obviously had a few McNuggets loose, though he probably could have used an extra Happy Meal.

At one point, says the article, Johnson went from Walter Mitty to Travis Bickle.

Was McDonald’s instrumental in his psychoses?

Probably not; it’s the people that work there who are crazy.

But a daily diet of fast food isn’t exactly life enriching, and the takeout routine, reenacted solo every single day, doesn’t sound like the sign of a fully vibrant individual.

And going there in a suit is a whole other red flag!

In any case, it’s a shame the overly vigilant (or undertrained-at-target-practice) cops had to add so much mayhem to the awful scene last Friday.

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