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A New “Daddy” For Calvin Klein’s Ex-Boy Toy


Nick Gruber works quickly.

Fresh off his plan to write a tell-all about his time spent with Calvin Klein, the ex porn player has a whole new guy he can one day write a book about:

Reportedly its John Luciano, “a well-connected Hollywood fixture” who happens to be the nephew of famed mobster Lucky Luciano.

But it’s Nick who’s lucky!

In the attached link, you’ll see the twosome coming off a Beverly Hills shopping spree, Nick carrying more bags than most designers have under their eyes.

Among the bags, there’s not a single one from a Calvin Klein boutique, and I’m not surprised; Nick already has that stuff.

Anyway, the twosome are seen smooching as the ex Mr. Klein holds onto his pricey merch for dear life.

For some people, acquisitiveness is an aphrodisiac.

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