An Enchanting Glimpse Of Me In 1985


This short clip from a 1985 public access TV interview conducted by Julia Masi amazes me because I was sort of cute, I was divinely dressed (that floral top is so hot I’d give anything to still have it in my possession), and most of all I seem so relaxed.

I don’t come across as nearly the neurotic, nervous, angsty mess I am now!

I wish I could remember how I hid my craziness better back then.

I think it’s because I had two drinks every night, then woke up at noon, still wearing my sunglasses.

I nightclubbed all night, then spent the following day in a hazy twilight that existed mainly to prepare me for the next round of partygoing.

When I taped this, I must have been struggling to find my way back to the normalcy of the day, so my dazed-ness translates as a relaxing calm.

Even the scarf doesn’t come off all that affected.

It seems cute!

And relaxed!

If I could turn back ti-ime…

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