Arizona Pol: Middle Easterners Look Like Mexicans And Don’t Belong Here “Legally Or Illegally”


Arizona is known for a few things: the Grand Canyon, its beautiful sunsets…and for having some of the dopiest, gun-loving, hillbilly politicians in the entire country.

Enter Arizona Congressional candidate Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, who said in a recent interview that A) Middle Easterners look like Mexicans, and B) she doesn’t want them in the country “legally or illegally.”

Even worse: there’s video — which you can see below.

Saucedo Mercer, a Hispanic immigrant who became a citizen in 1991, has the backing of the Tea Party and the state’s foot-in-mouth governor, GED Jan Brewer.

You’d think blatantly racist comments would put an end to a Congressional campaign. Not in Arizona — Saucedo Mercer handily won her GOP primary last night and stands a decent chance at beating her Democratic opponent, Congressman Raul Grijalva, who once called for the boycott of his own state, and isn’t the most popular congressman out there in Sand Land.


Without further ado, watch Saucedo Mercer say she doesn’t want Mexican-looking Middle Easterners in the U.S. “legally or illegally” below. Then laugh. Then cry.