Marcus Samuelsson at GOP Convention, Bourdain Says He Can Die Happy


Mario Batali doesn’t like it when people yell in his kitchen: “One of the big rules for our kitchens is that if you’re not close enough to be able to touch me, you can’t talk to me.” [New York Times]

Obama supporter Marcus Samuelsson is hanging with Arianna Huffington at the Republican National Convention. [The Braiser]

Anita Lo doesn’t believe in authenticity and thinks everything is fusion: “I describe my cuisine as ‘Contemporary American,’ and what’s great about that is it’s an enormous category that befits a country that’s a melting pot of people.” [Serious Eats]

Anthony Bourdain admits that he can die happy: “Yeah. I mean, if I were hit by the proverbial ice cream truck, sucked up in the wheel well and dragged down the street, as I lay there bleeding out, I wouldn’t have a lot of regrets about things I missed. I’ve ridden an elephant, I’ve jumped out of a plane, I’ve seen the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia, I’ve been to Vietnam, I’ve seen a lot of things. But is so often the case with someone who’s successfully gotten away with robbing a bank, I’d like to keep doing this as long as I can get away with it.” [LA Weekly]

A Todd English reality show is supposedly in the works. Sources told the New York Post that the chef is filming a reality show with E! about managing his empire of restaurants. [NY Post]