“I would not tolerate her if she wasn’t so 
talented,” Michel Gondry said about the 
cartoonist Gabrielle Bell. This, of course, is a joke, as no one would ever mistake the good-humored Bell for a diva. In fact, her book 
Cecil and Jordan in New York, which Gondry adapted into a film titled Interior Design (as a part of the trilogy Tokyo!) is about a woman who turns herself into a humble chair so that she won’t bother anyone. Her latest book, The Voyeurs (Uncivilized Books), is a cartoon memoir of her last five years living in Brooklyn and traveling the world. Tonight, see why The New Yorker called her “a master of the exquisite detail” when she discusses The Voyeurs along with cartoonist Julia Wertz (who is previewing her upcoming book, The Infinite Wait and Other Stories). Novelist Jami Attenberg moderates the talk.

Wed., Sept. 5, 7 p.m., 2012

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