Try Beautiful, Wobbly, Fresh Tofu


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Freshly scooped tofu from EN Japanese Brasserie, $11, Dish #49

Tofu can reveal the beauty of fresh soy milk and its capacity for texture and flavor. Really! Over the years, chef Abe Hiroko has converted many a hater with this extraordinarily simple dish.

Every hour or so, EN makes a small batch of fresh soy milk, heats it up, then mixes it with nigari, the magnesium chloride extracted from sea water that nudges the milk, encouraging it to transform into a rich, creamy custard. The fresh curd is served warm and wobbly under a layer of milk.

It arrives with a side of warijoyu — a mellow mix of soy sauce, dashi (the wonderfully fishy broth of seaweed and dried tuna) and sweet mirin. Season with warijoyu as you scoop, but be gentle: The delicate tofu can barely hold itself together.

EN Japanese Brasserie
435 Hudson Street