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Donald Trump Officially Is A 13-Year-Old Girl


Earlier this week, Donald Trump promised that his acts of scumbaggery towards Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington were just getting started. Today, the world’s trashiest billionaire made good on his promise.

On Tuesday — in fine 13-year-old girl fashion — Trump took to Twitter to call Huffington ugly. He went on to “tweet” that “I fully understand why her husband left her for a man — he made a good decision.”

Now, he claims he intentionally raised rent to $100,000 at one of his apartment buildings to keep her from moving in.

According to The Donald, Huffington tried to move into the Trump building at 502 Park Avenue last year. Because her website reports on how much of an asshole he is, he jacked up the rent.

“She wanted the apartment right after she did the AOL deal. We didn’t make it easy for her, in fact, we raised rent to $100,000 a month especially for her. The price wasn’t in her favor, nor did I care, because I didn’t want her in the building. She balked at the price.” Trump tells the New York Post.

But he continued — with another jab at her gay husband.

“She is bad news. Only AOL being so stupid would have paid money to buy her site. AOL was even dumber than her husband,” he whines. “The trash they write about me is not reporting, there are so many inaccuracies about me on her site. I won’t hold back when I respond about her to my 1.4 million Twitter followers.”

Somebody call the whaaa-mbulance

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