What’s NYC’s Biggest Burger?


Dish no. 48 is found under the M tracks at Ridgewood’s Bosna Express.

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In a hamburger-hungry town, all sorts of questions are always being asked. Which burger is the most expensive? Which is made with the weirdest combo of meat? Where do you find the best veggie burger? This post answers the obvious question: Which burger is the biggest?

As the gargantuan burger sizzles on the grill, the bun warms on the griddle.

If we’re talking straight diameter, and not thickness or weight, the answer is pljeskavica (pronounced “pless-ka-veech-ah”). This burger originates in the Balkans, and one form commonly available both here and in the former Yugoslavia is an eye-popping foot in diameter. The patty is typically composed of lamb and veal, with onions mixed in.

The pljeskavica is so big, it gets cut into four pieces, each big enough to be its own hamburger.

As if that weren’t flavorful enough, the version at Bosna Express is flame-grilled and smeared with kaymak (a kind of clotted cream) and ajvar (a red-pepper puree), then heaped with tomatoes, lettuce, and fresh onions. The pljeskavica is deposited on a homemade bun called a lepinja. Enough vocabulary for you already?

Get your own pljeskavica with all the trimmings at Bosna Express, a small establishment under the elevated M station at Forest Avenue. As the name implies, it slings the fast-food specialties of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The already-flavorful pljeskavica is further ramped up with kaymak and lepinja.

Bosna Express
791 Fairview Avenue
Ridgewood, Queens