Chipotle Caught Rounding Up Change, Changes Policy


Has Chipotle been cheating us of our pennies?

News recently broke of the chain’s practice of rounding checks up or down to the nearest nickel.

Their reasoning was that the rounding would help keep the lines moving and that Chipotle didn’t profit when the rounding went both ways.

After consumer complaints, they responded to consumer by adding a “rounding” line to receipts, showing the rounding added to a bill.

But that wasn’t enough. After a media storm and a rather lengthy investigation, Chipotle has changed its policy and will now be rounding down in customers’ favor.

A spokesperson told ABC News:

“In an effort to keep lines moving quickly in some of our higher volume restaurants (including New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.), bills are automatically rounded down to the nearest nickel to limit the possible combinations of change that have to made. The amount that is rounded down is highlighted on receipts to explain why the total may differ slightly than what it would otherwise be.”

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