Lawless Dish About Shia, Tom Hardy, and Jessica Chastain


At a BoConcept dinner at Chateau Chang last night, I met Dany Wolf, who executive produced Lawless, the period drama about a bootlegging gang.

On command, Wolf graciously gave me some insight into the all-star shooting.

*Said Wolf:

Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy showed up on the set looking bigger than we needed.

“The film is set in the Prohibition era and no one had buff bodies then.

“But they were built up, Tom because he was getting ready to play Bane in Dark Knight Rises.

“Still, it works in the movie.

“The funny thing is, at Cannes, they were both skinny again!”

*In another story about picking up extra poundage, Wolf told me that when Hardy was driving with Jessica Chastain one day, they came across a stray dog on the freeway and became deeply concerned.

They promptly took the dog into the car, got him checked out and licensed, and proceeded to share custody of him!


I don’t like hearing stories about nice celebrities.

I prefer them a little bit…Lawless.

Oh, wait, here’s one:

In the film, Guy Pearce plays a Chicago gangster named Rakes.

Pearce brought a lot to the party, including putting a center part in his hair and widening it for extra creepy effect.

When the screenwriter’s kids saw a photo of Pearce in character, said Wolf, “They couldn’t sleep.”

Now that’s a delightful story!

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