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MTA’s Brilliant Plan To Prevent Subway Trash: Fewer Trash Cans


We’ll just go ahead and call a spade a spade: the MTA’s plan to prevent litter in the subways by removing trash cans from subway stations is the stupidest idea we’ve heard since Mayor Mike Bloomberg thought banning Big Gulps in restaurants would somehow solve the obesity epidemic — which it won’t.

The MTA plans to expand a pilot program designed to help cut down on the amount of trash bags that pile up in subway stations by removing trash cans from an additional eight stops.

If the plan seems to defy logic, that’s because it does — and the MTA provides us with precisely no insight as to how this plan makes even a lick of sense.

According to the MTA, “NYC Transit removes 14,000 tons of trash from the subway annually.
However, the trash sometimes accumulates in storage rooms and on
platforms while waiting to be removed. We have taken several steps to
make the trash bags less accessible to rodents, including adding more
frequent refuse train collections, reinforcing storage rooms and using
new, tamper-proof receptacles, but the problem still persists.”

So, to cut down on the amount of trash bags — in an effort
to prevent rodents from getting to the garbage — the MTA is simply
making it harder for people to properly dispose of refuse.

One minor (read: major) oversight: people fucking litter! Like, all the
fucking time! That’s why subway tracks often look like rat-infested landfills.

According to the MTA, the initial phase of the test program started at
two stations, the 8th Street R station and the Flushing Main Street 7
stop. At those stations, the agency claims it’s picked up 67 percent and
50 percent fewer trash, bags respectively.

“This means people are taking their trash out with them,” MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz tells the Voice.

Umm, no it doesn’t — all it means is people aren’t throwing trash in garbage cans.

Ortiz says it’s just a pilot program, and the MTA just wants to see if it will work in other stations the way the agency is pretending says it worked at the initial stops.

In other words, the MTA is banking on a carry in/carry out garbage system in the New York City subway.

Since the MTA is apparently banking on the honor system these days, maybe next week the agency can tackle subway violence by proposing we all just be nice to each other; seems like a pretty flawless plan (said nobody…ever).

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