New Jersey Shooting Leaves Three Dead — But It’s Not At The Empire State Building, So Go About Your Day


For the second Friday in a row, there’s been a mass-shooting in the New York area — but it isn’t at the Empire State Building, so it’s apparently only kinda news.

Authorities in New Jersey say three people — including the gunman — are dead following an early-morning shooting spree at a grocery store in Old Bridge, just south of Staten Island.

The gunman, police say, entered a Pathmark grocery store just before 4 a.m., as employees were stocking shelves before the store was scheduled to open at 6 a.m.

Details of the shooting are unclear, but the gunman — who reportedly
was wearing body armor (a claim that we were unable to independently
confirm) — opened fire in the store before shooting it out with police.
He was killed at the scene, although it’s unclear whether he was killed
by police.

Two others also were killed in the shooting. It’s unclear how many were wounded.

Last week, as we’re sure you recall, 58-year-old Jeffrey Johnson shot a
former co-worker near the Empire State Building before police took him
out in a hail of bullets, many of which hit pedestrians fleeing the

Because of the famous location of last week’s shooting — and the
potential of it being a terrorist attack — the media ate it up; all the
national news outlets stopped what they were doing for breaking coverage of a “mass-shooting” at a famous landmark.

That “mass-shooting” wouldn’t have been “mass” at all if the cops didn’t
shoot nine of the 10 victims — it turned out to be just one
disgruntled ex-employee attacking a former co-worker, not the
Aurora-esque killing spree the media had initially billed it as.

But this morning’s shooting happened at a grocery store, not a famous
landmark — so Fox and Friends, MSNBC, and CNN are too busy discussing
“Mitt’s Big Moment,” and “Dirty Harry’s” debating a chair at the
Republican National Convention to pay it much mind.

Regardless, three people are dead and several others could be wounded in what appears to be an actual mass-shooting,

Here at the Voice, we like to give all mass-shootings equal time, so check back later for updates.

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