Snails: Not Scary!


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Escargots Bourguignonne, $11, Jeanne & Gaston

Despite their reputation as some real millionaire shit, snails aren’t exactly a luxury item, and you can find them on the menus of French bistros prepared simply and priced modestly.

Chef Claude Godard’s restaurant Jeanne et Gaston does a great version of Escargots Bourguignonne — an old-school dish of snails cooked simply with tons of butter and parsley. You can use the little fork to dive into the pools and get to the fat, tender snails, but eventually the fork fails. What you need is some warm bread to finish this off.

It’s not posh, but it is good. And sitting outside on the restaurant’s (empty) patio, dappled in sunlight, is a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Jeanne & Gaston
212 West 14th Street

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