New York

Suburban Oinkers “Build a Burger” At Friendly’s


Oh yes, they do–and since I happened to eat at one the other day out in the country, I joined them in the architectural hijinks!

It’s easy. Way easier than Build-A-Bear.

You simply pick a type of meat (beef, duh), a kind of roll (I went with ciabatta), unlimited toppings (I opted for salsa, red onions, and dill pickle chips; they were out of Heinz 57 sauce), and two premium toppings (I got sauteed mushrooms and “fronions”).

The result–as delivered by our top-drawer waitserver Bridget–was a veritable skyscraper deluxe, a tasty tower of beef and all the trimmings.

I had no idea what fronions are–and still don’t–but I loved the whole burger-licious package, which tasted really fun-yum while looking positively Frank Gehryish in its structural splendor.

And it was only $8.99!

And if you’re still hungry, well, they don’t call it Friendly’s for nothing.

You can promptly order a gigantic SuperMelt sandwich (five varieties available, starting at $6.99), and for a mere four bucks more, you get a soda plus a sundae with three scoops of ice cream and two toppings!

It’s so delightfully personalized I’m sure they’d put the ice cream scoops on your sandwich if you so desired.

Maybe you can even convince them to haul out some premium toppings.

Gosh, I’m thrilled to have been reminded that America is a wonderful place where you can eat like a barnyard animal and no one makes fun of you since they’re all doing the same.

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