Who Can Turn The World On With Her Statue?


On his last trip to the Twin Cities, Paper‘s Mickey Boardman took time to snap a shot of the famed Mary Tyler Moore statue situated downtown, right outside a major department store.

It’s the iconic image of Mary Richards tossing her tam o’shanter into the air, just as she did at the end of the pre-taped opening credits sequence of every single episode as I applauded and choked back tears.

Some people think the statue–which was erected by TV Land in 2002–is cheesy, but I find it endearing and even poignant, especially since TV Land no longer runs the freakin’ MTM show.

I bet they do so in the other Twin Cities–Sodom and Gomorrah–and that’s exactly where I’m heading as we speak.

Oh, my favorite episode, in case anyone cares, is the one where Ted has a mild heart attack and learns the value of life, imploring people to look at sunsets and appreciate salt.

They all tell him to shut the fuck up, then eventually realize he’s right and you shouldn’t take the beauty of life for granted.

But as Mary, Mur, and Mr. Grant are arm in arm watching a sunset and beaming, it becomes clear that Ted is completely over the feeling and is back to being jaded and bitter.

They’re appalled, until realizing that as long as they have the feeling, they should hold onto it and savor it while it lasts. So they turn off the news and grinningly go back to the sunset gazing.

Profound. Even better than the Chuckles episode.

My hat’s off to Mary and the gang.

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