Police Arrest Brooklyn Man on Charges of Dousing His Daughter With Acid


At around 1:40 p.m. yesterday afternoon, a 49-year-old woman named Darlene Lynch, covered in smoke, bolted out of her apartment in East New York. As she screamed “My father did this!” Lynch’s skin began to peel all over her body, and her clothes slowly disintegrated as neighbors watched in awe. One bystander told reporters that Lynch looked like “melting wax” up and down her body.

After she ran out of the house, she was immediately taken to the New York Presbyterian Hospital and treated for her burn wounds. As of now, she’s in stable condition.

Lynch was suffering from what cops seem to believe was sulfuric acid burn. This diagnosis came soon after the police arrested her 69-year-old, wheelchair-stricken father, Jerome Lynch. The man told the authorities that Darlene had abused him but, after seeing what had happened to his daughter, it was evident that something else had gone on as well.

El Diablo is a drain cleaner that is 98 percent sulfuric acid and possibly the main culprit in this case. Police are charging Jerome Lynch with this brutal attack on his daughter, though Jerome, after suffering from a stroke two years ago, had a hard time explaining himself to them. For that reason, the cops on the scene have told reporters that Jerome Lynch wrote them a note in which he confessed the use of El Diablo on his daughter.

The charge will be a felony count. But what’s the punishment for throwing sulfuric acid on someone?