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Model Arrested for Public Nudity Reaches $15k Settlement with New York


Twenty-two-year-old nude model Zoe West, arrested in August of last year for getting completely naked in Times Square as part of a body-painting art show, has just won a $15,000 settlement from New York City, according to the New York Post.

It all started innocently enough: artist Andy Golub was painting West’s entire body as onlookers and police alike looked on. Even though she was topless, she was completely covered with paint, and as we’ve exhaustively chronicled in the past, there’s nothing legally wrong with showing a nipple if that’s what you’re into. The problem started when West removed her thong so that Golub could finish up. That’s when according to the Post, a “visibly unnerved” NYPD sergeant, Anthony Fusaro, cockblocked everyone ended the show by handcuffing West and throwing her, now sans knickers, into a paddy wagon.

But as West’s civil rights lawyer pointed out, “public nudity is legal in New York City as long as it’s done for purposes of a performance, exhibition or show.” She was released two hours later from the Midtown South precinct house without charges, but not before police “gawked at her,” her suit claims, for about 15 minutes without allowing her to dress.

West and her lawyer were unavailable to speak to the Voice, but she told the Post, “I went out on a limb to do something that I thought was a good project, and it was pretty successful and pretty exciting.”

West has highlighted the arrest-related press on her promotional Model Mayhem page. She links to a few articles, and also stresses that doesn’t do erotic work. West is only available for “tasteful, artfully done nude work.”

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