New York

The Republicans’ Persecution Complex In A Nutshell


Here’s a typical Republican’s self-martyring point of view, always said with a righteous whine:

“Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry.

“Women should be ripped of the right to have an abortion.

“Women who really get raped don’t get pregnant anyway.

“The arts and HIV spending need to be decimated.

“God needs to be infused more into everything, even for those who don’t believe in God.

“Creationism works better than all this science stuff we’ve built up for centuries. Let’s go back to the fairy tale.

“Family values are for everyone except me.

“I hide my money overseas, but I blast others who do so as being ‘un American’.

“Advances in human rights need to be rolled back so we can return to the dark ages.

“America needs to ‘stay American’, for God’s sake.

“And by the way, everyone needs to stop picking on us!

“We’re so tired of the liberal media depriving us of our rights!”

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