White House Releases Controversial Homebrew Recipes


Last week we, the people, demanded that the president release the recipes for his White House home brews — the beers he enjoys so much, he is carrying some along the campaign trail.

How did the White House respond? By making adorable beer puns and sharing the recipes, at last:

With public excitement about White House beer fermenting such a buzz, we decided we better hop right to it.

Both recipes are now available on the White House blog. Although George Washington was a distiller and Thomas Jefferson a winemaker, Obama’s Honey Brown Ale is apparently the first beer to be brewed on the White House grounds.

We don’t have much experience home brewing, but many who do take issue with the liquid malt extract included in the recipe — a beginner’s shortcut to flavor. Eric Asimov, who interviewed the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, compares starting with extract to baking brownies from a mix.

But as true beginners, we’d be tempted to try an easy recipe. If only we could get our hands on a pound of White House honey from the South Lawn apiary.

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