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Allison Janney And Ari Graynor Go Sexy In New Films! | Village Voice


Allison Janney And Ari Graynor Go Sexy In New Films!


Two terrific actresses get into fascinating sexual situations in new flicks–and they talked frankly to me about it for my sizzlingly entertaining column.

In Liberal Arts, Allison Janney (four-time Emmy winner for The West Wing) is a hardened, angry professor who beds a younger man in between telling him why men are the worst thing since death.

Meanwhile, Ari Graynor (known for Broadway and films) warms up to guys as one of two friends who start a phone sex line in For A Good Time, Call…, which will have you repeating the name of their hot line, MMM-HMMM.

Graynor’s also in an upcoming Broadway play set at a porn awards ceremony, costarring Cheyenne Jackson and Alicia Silverstone!

She lets me know her plan to eventually transition out of being the sex-worker queen of the thesping world, though at the moment she has no inhibitions whatsoever about manning the phones.

Enjoy the column–and make sure you let me know when you’re fully inside.

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