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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Speaks Out About Obama Vs. Romney | Village Voice


Michael Jackson’s Daughter Speaks Out About Obama Vs. Romney


I’ve been reading the tweets of 14-year-old Paris Jackson and enjoying her humor, realness, and smarts.

Her tweets are often about her father (whom she fiercely defends), or about her own spunky persona (“I’m not on drugs, I’m just weird”), and sometimes about the culture
(“premium rush was such a bomb movie :o”).

Once in a while, things get silly, like when she tweeted, “I absolutely love Kim Kardashian’s hair” and Kardashian replied, “Thanks! Needed a change! Love your new color too!”

But occasionally Paris will go political, touching on a whole other color issue.

“I hate politics” she recently tweeted, “but at least I care about this country…if Obama wasn’t president, American would be flushed down the toilet.”

In another observation, she wryly noted, “Romney’s slogan ‘Keep America American’ was the same slogan used by the KKK in 1922…smooth move bro”.

Rock on, Paris. Keep America real.

By the way, I also happened to catch this clever tweet from a fan of hers:

“In 2009 we lost Michael Jackson. Now we’ve lost Neil Armstrong. We’re running out of moon walkers.”

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