New York

Michelle Obama Is Our Mom In Chief!


She even likes the title, as she mentioned in her convention speech last night, which is getting raves.

Michelle talked about her husband as “a man you can trust.”

She spoke about the long-term process that growth is, and how we have to hang in there and keep working at it.

Also remarkable was what she didn’t say–i.e., there was not a word about dastardly opponent Mitt Romney, keeping with the Obama team’s refreshing new rise-above policy.

Besides, there were other people there to do that.

Said ex Ohio Governor Ted Strickland in his speech, “If Mitt were President, he’d fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.”

Love it!

And that reminds me of something a reader just told me in response to my column about the weirdness of gays voting Republican.

“In England, they have an expression:

‘It’s like the turkeys voting for Christmas’.”

So true.

And this Christmas, I’m glad we’ll have the same mom in chief to come home to.

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