[Rec]3: Genesis


[Rec]3: Genesis starts out in the faux-found-footage mode popularized by films like Cloverfield and the first two entries in Paco Plaza’s trilogy of Spanish shockers, but a quarter of the way through the film, that gimmick is rudely discarded. Beginning as a mock wedding video made by a young cousin of the groom, Plaza’s latest finds the would-be photog getting his camera knocked from his hands and kicked to death as zombies begin to invade the nuptials, and those under siege are more than a little reluctant to have their terrifying ordeal documented. Although some found footage, in the form of security cams, continues to be interspersed throughout the film, this gesture of camera destruction feels like a definitive rejection of a played-out trend. As such, the movie unfolds as an occasionally suspenseful, ultra-bloody (check out the bride’s expert chain saw work!) attack-of-the-undead piece with some Catholic mumbo jumbo thrown in for good measure. As our newly married pair tries to reunite while warding off the killer creatures, they witness the literal degradation of their entire zombified families. Giddy shots of the undead slogging through a decimated party-scape materialize the decadence and instability of upper-crust family life, even as groom and (pregnant) bride prepare to give birth to another generation of the Spanish elite.

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