Tom Cruise: I Didn’t Audition Girlfriends!


A Maureen Orth-penned story in the new Vanity Fair goes full speed ahead with a rumor we’ve long heard–that after Tom Cruise‘s split with Nicole Kidman in 2001, Scientology conducted a casting call to find a replacement, auditoning women in what was basically the biggest star search since Scarlett O’Hara.

Orth says she has on-the-record sources saying it’s all true.

What’s more, the story claims that Iranian-born actress Nazanin Boniadi was the choice for his girlfriend in 2004.

(But Nazanin isn’t talking all of a sudden. She ain’t no Nazaninny.)

Well, Scientology has shot back that this is nothing but a bunch of lies based on shoddy, disgruntled “sources,” and that it’s basically a pile of old fictions put together, posing as reporting.

Wait, where did I just hear that?

Oh, yeah! With John Travolta!

In any case, you decide–and see if you can get an audition because the slot’s open again, lol.

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