C’mon, New York City Babies, Learn To Dodge Bullets Already


For the third time since July, a baby failed to get out of the way of a stray bullet in one of New York’s five boroughs — and since the people of Gotham clearly aren’t going to stop shooting each other, we at the Voice feel it’s far time that babies take a little initiative here and learn to dodge bullets; if Keanu Reeves can do it, anyone can.

The latest tot to fall victim to gun violence is only 2 months old. Luckily, the boy wasn’t seriously injured.

According to authorities, the boy, Trayvon Brunson, was getting pushed in a stroller near the Seneca Housing Projects in Hunts Point about 10:30 last night when gunfire rang out.

Brunson was grazed in the back. He’s expected to survive.

In July, a Bronx boy wasn’t so lucky.

On July 22, 4-year-old Lloyd Morgan was fatally shot during a charity basketball tournament at the Forest Houses project in Morrisania.

Authorities say at least 13 rounds were fired from either side of the basketball court and adjacent playground during the brief shootout. One of the rounds hit Morgan in the head as he stood with his mother near the playground.

Just a few weeks earlier, 3-year-old Isaiah Gonzalez caught a bullet in the leg during a shootout in Bed-Stuy. At the time, Isaiah was playing in a sprinkler at a park when the pair of thugs fired multiple shots at a group of people playing dice nearby.

Thankfully, Gonzalez survived.

As if shooting a baby isn’t slimy enough, Matthew Cohen, the attorney for alleged shooter Stanley Williams, tried to argue that the shooting wasn’t the end of the world because, “This is not a homicide” and “the alleged injury is not that severe.”

As we mentioned, Gonzalez is 3 — but oh well.

Again, New York, we wouldn’t continue to have these problems if you would simply teach your babies to dodge bullets.

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