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Nicki Minaj IS A Republican | Village Voice

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Nicki Minaj IS A Republican


Remember that brouhaha about five minutes ago over a Nicki Minaj rap that had to do with voting for Romney?

Everyone was outraged and promptly set to work insulting her fashion sense (which is completely irrelevant to her political views, and which is gorgeous anyway. I mean, look at the above photo. Her outfit has balls–literally.)

And then came the counter arguments, saying Nicki’s remark was was ironic, taken out of context, a commentary, etc. etc.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, you can flush all that with the Madonna video.

I’m here to tell that you Nicki is a Republican, and that’s no pose.

She divulges her political leaning to people privately, and has avoided saying it on the record so far (except, arguably, for this rap), but believe me, the woman’s a Republican!!!

I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m good at what I do. You have to trust me, people.

Of course just because she’s a Republican doesn’t mean she’s voting for Romney, lol.

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