Queens Teacher Charles Oross Faces Just Six Months In Jail For Classroom Sex With 13-Year-Old Student


Get your wrist ready, Charles Oross, because it’s about to get a firm slap.

Oross, a former teacher at a Queens junior high school, pleaded guilty today to one count of second-degree criminal sexual act.

So, what led to Oross’ conviction? Well, he repeatedly had sex with a 13-year-old student, in some cases in empty classrooms at the school where he was a teacher and the girl was a student.

For something so heinous, Oross should be heading to prison for at least a decade, right? Wrong — he faces a maximum of six months in county jail when he’s sentenced next month.

Oross, a 44-year-old former social studies teacher at the Susan B. Anthony School in Queens, was arrested in December after it was revealed that he’d been having sex with the then 16-year-old student, starting when the girl was just 13 (Oross’ wife ratted him out — sort of. More on that below).

According to authorities, the sexual relationship started in January of
2009, when the girl and Oross started meeting at the school every
morning at 6 a.m., before most of the other students and faculty got

The sex, investigators say, happened in the classroom, as well as in Oross’ car.

The relationship continued when the girl got to high school, but came to
a brief end when she started dating another boy — one her own age.

The teacher and the girl rekindled their old flame after Oross started
sending her emails and Facebook messages asking if they could meet —
which they did, and started having sex again.

Oross and the girl had sex again “10 to 14 times” in his car,
authorities say, when he would drive the two to secluded locations so
they could be alone — without pesky parents or wives to get in the way.

A few months later, the girl ended the relationship, telling Oross that she wanted to start hanging out with people her own age.

A few months later, the girl again started receiving Facebook messages from Oross — sort of.

The messages actually were from Oross’ wife, who was sending them as though she was her husband.

The trick didn’t work — the girl knew it was Oross’ wife, Wendy, but admitted that she’d had sex with Oross, anyway.

Oross’ wife confronted her husband, who admitted to having sex with the young girl. She also confided in a friend that her husband was sleeping with a child. The friend called police — Wendy didn’t go to authorities until Oross broke his promise to end the relationship with the victim.

As we mentioned, Oross is only going to jail for a maximum of six months.

We asked Queens County District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Helen
Peterson for an explanation of the seemingly light plea agreement
prosecutors signed off on that led to the presumptive slap on the wrist.
She says she’ll get back to us with the details.

When he’s sentenced on October 18, Oross also will likely be sentenced
to 10 years probation. Obviously, he no longer works at the school. 

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