Reality Shows I Don’t Want To See


I don’t want to see any reality shows, actually, but here are some I’d particularly kick in my set to avoid:

*Head Games

Severed heads are used as bowling balls in this macabre slice of life, filled with trailer trashy people looking for cheap recreational thrills. See if you can spot some of your favorite dead celebrities in cameos.

Top Drawer Living

The world’s tiniest man literally lives in a drawer, but it’s the top drawer, and he’s not complaining about it. Until an old girlfriend comes back and wants to live with him!

Buggin’ Out

That’s what Mary Smith is doing when she finds her mobile home infested with thousands of wasps, hornets, and bees, all angling to annoy. And it’s not like she can go out; the only other place in town is the bowling lane from Head Games. Bzzzzz.

The Last Straw

Celebrity coke addicts are housed together in a trailer–with just one straw. Let the mayhem begin.

Puppy Love

Twenty-year-old Meg Dingle is madly in love with her pet. Unfortunately, her parents don’t approve of her plan to marry the pooch in a civil union in rural Virginia. Will Meg and her “man” bolt for the kennel?

Royal Flush

Prince Harry thinks he’s privately doing his business in a casino bathroom, but he’s actually being filmed by hidden cameras. And so is Queen Elizabeth’s reaction as the poo video goes viral! A different royal stars every week.

Klan-destined Affair

A light-skinned black chick dates a Klansman while passing for Caucasian. Wait till he finds out not only that she’s not white, but she’s pregnant!

Pianist Envy

A mature female pop singer deeply resents the musical skills of a way younger one. A mature gay male singer takes the younger gal under his wing and starts hissing like a wet hen. Catfights–and danceoffs–ensue.

I’m With The Bland

A Justin Bieber groupie takes us on an unconventional journey filled with endless nights of milkshakes, spooning, and pretending to be black. Zzzz….

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